Blog Post Week 15

I cannot believe that this was the last day of class! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was panicking in this class because everyone knew how to use Photoshop except me. I googled many tutorials to help me through the assignments and I will share some of them with you. I am just happy to say I learned a lot of skills in this class and I am so very happy I took this class!


Blog Post Week 14

I was walking home from my dentist and I was walking past the Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers and I just wanted to show some pictures how beautiful it is! It is a really nice place to take pictures especially in the summer. I’m pretty sure they decorate it for Christmas because I saw some lights walking by there, but I never went in.

Blog Post Week 12

I am so excited about Thanksgiving tomorrow, but according to my collage concept presentation I love Christmas more! This week I participated in the Operation Christmas Child program. It’s a Christian organization that send many gifts in shoe boxes to children in need in Third World countries.  My church did 86 boxes in total. I will show a picture below. As I packed these boxes for the kids, I was so excited because I knew that they would enjoy the things I put in there such as little notebooks, crayons, little toys, and stuffed animals. It’s amazing that the little things to us can mean so much to someone else. Next year I intend to pack 12 boxes which included each age group for a boy and girl. Here is the website if anyone is interested in doing it next year.